Cebtipedes's well

    (Aia maniba Roata)

     H. C. ET H. E.
(String Figures from
Gilbert Islands)


           Very long loop

    A. Opening A.

    B. 1 passes over 2 and
         picks up 5n.

    C. 2 picks up 1f.
         Release 1².

    D. 1 enters, from above, into
         lower 2 and removes from
         below 5.

    E. 5 enters, from above, into
         lower 2, and removes from
         below 1.
         (On can help with the
          opposite hand)

         You have two loops on 2
          and one on 5.

    F. 1 enters, from above, into
         lower 2, and picks up
         upper and lower 2f.

   G. Navaho 1.
        Release upper 2.

         You have a loop on 1,
          one on 2, and one on 5.

    H. 1 passes above 2
         and picks up 5n.

     I. Release 2.
        Caroline Extension.



     J. Upper R1n pass
         over R2f.

    K. The mouth picks up
          R2f, after that upper R1
          is passing above.
          Release R1 and R2.

     L. R1 enters, from below,
          into R5.

     M. R1 releases, from above,
           the mouth´s loop.

      N. Do the steps  K. -M. with
           the L hand.

      O. Caroline Extension .



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