The fall of the fox

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collected by 
Guy Mary-Rousselière, 
(Les jeux de ficelles des 
Bulletin 233 
Musées nationaux du 

French version

    A. Place the loop on 1 and 2.
         5 passes below all the
         strings, pushes back away
         from you 1n, below 2f and
         hooks down 2f.

          You have Opening C.
          You have a loop on 12.
         5 remains bent on 2f.

    B. Turn the R hand´s palm
         down and L hand´s palm
         L2 enters from the side
         nearest the fingertip in
         R12, and pulls the string,
         passing between R1
         and R2, through the
         L12´s loop.
         Withdraw L1 from the
         L12´s loop.

         You have a loop on R1
         and 2.
         5 remains bent on the

    C. R1 removes, from
         below, R2.

    D. Navajo R1.

    E. L1 removes from above L2.


   F. From which side will it run
        Release R5.
        If you want to see the fox
        more happy, turn your
        L hand toward you.


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