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     update/Mis à jour 24/06/2012

       Arm capture and escape      119   153BISFA5110
                                            18GI    (Hilard) 78BISFA3
                                              (Eric)   140FO  two players/deux joueurs
      Bamby with a tail                  285
      Bears and cubs, Mother        276
      Bear and medecine man,
                                        Brown   272
      Bear and two cubs, Two        271
      Bear bear crawling
                    from a cave,
                                   Brown         172
      Bears dragging´fish, Two       276
      Bird´s feet (Sawchee Lu)        147
      Bison, Two                                279
      Brown bear, Two
           (rapid-making method)      270 ~Bears, two  67K

         BUTTERFLY                             87              33GIII  37B (Eric)
                                       (219 mauvaises explications
                                                        /not good explainations)
                                                                         84E 78Q 133BISFA7
         Camel, Two                             274
         Canoe                                         85      32T
      Canopy figure                        119
         Ending figure                        119
      Caribou (Tun-tu)                     102    (124, 365) 142L  28GIII
                          38, 57BISFA3  15T (Eric)
                                             ~Running caribou 21S02
                                                    /Caribou (Rapid-making method)
                                                      /Caribou in the willows 85BISFA6
             (Rapid-making method)   280
                 Baby, Crawling             281
                 Baby chasing a ball       282

               Crab crawling sideways 282

                Rabbit and resting
                           rabbit, Running   282

                Fox                                  283

                Reindeer                         284

                 Giraffe                            284

                 Elephant, African          284

                 Santa Claus riding
                                    a reindeer   285

                 Hen laying an egg         286

                 Bear, Caribou and
                         reindeer playing
                             soccer, Brown   286

                 Horse                             287

         Caribou in the willows              85
                                                 /CARIBOO (124, 365)  142L
                                     28GIII  38BISFA3 15T

         Carrying wood                           79     (66)  141L  38JII  30B
                                    71S  (Darsie)  13T
                                       86K    200E  (Eric)
      Cave, Two                                  273
      Cherokee seven stars                192
         Chicken foot
                 (Ar Ke)                            135  ~Peacock´s foot  115BISFA6  3J00
      Clap Hands Release
                      (Ben Phelh)                137
      Clothesline                  Figure expliquée dans
                                                                  Figure explained in    BISFA 3
                                                                                                     explications supplémentaires ici
                                                                                             /more explainations here p295
       Coyotes, Two                               83  (60)-(Darsie)  197E
         Cup and saucer or
             Outrigger canoe                   79   31E  5JI  12F  26N
                                        244V  119VI   14GI
     (Hilard)  (Britt)  (Eric)
      Crow´s foot                               106     (32)  139L
                                               24B 10F 10T  25
                                                    247V  121VI    42E  14GI* 20Q
                                                 10JI  (Hilard) (Eric) (Britt)  13W  (Eric)
      Culture specific
               construction for
                             Newkirk 2          259     ERRATUM step 11 366BISFA7  3/12
      Deer with a tail, Pretty            285
     Diamonds, Four                        115, 156    (24)  153L  25JI  94(Gendar)   36B
                                                    32GI 74Q 122FO
                             109-111BISFA7(photos)   157BISFA7
                                                               (Steve) (Hilard)
                           (Darsie not working) Richard
                      40X (Eric)  148E
      Diamond, One (Tahi Pakaki)  155
         Diamonds, Two                         115, 156  (28)   (Eric) 49E  118FO
                                                     156BISFA7 109BISFA7 (photo)

      Dinosaurs, Fighting
                        (Arothaurus)          279
      Disappearing knot,
            loop method                        117
      Disappearing knot,
           straight string method        117
      Dogs looking up at the sky       278
      Dogs with fancy tails
            looking up at the sky          278
      Door, Apache                              80  (12)  147L 31B-(Darsie) 151BISFA7
                                                    88E 32GI* 68Q  22T  (Eric)
                                                   /Apache door 166E  (Eric)
                                          /Big apache door 8S98
      Double-Arch bridge                197
      Doubly-framed double
                                   ladders         266-269
      Dove´s feet (Va Thu Ke)          135-115  (116)   150L  32B
                195E 51Q
                     (Eric)  73TII
            Sun-gate-moon-gate          143
      Ears and Nose                           108     ~Grave of a child 62K
      Earring (Akleetik)                    100  1/10
         Elbow almost catch
             (Kiu Hlin Thelh)               136 ~Elbow open 137BISFA6
      Elbow open                                137 ~Elbow almost catch 136BISFA6
      Elephant, Indien                        288
      ELKS,  TWO                             277  (74)
         Eleven diamonds                       157  (12)  147L   31B-(Darsie not working)
                                            88E    RICHARD
                                                       32GI*  68Q  22T (Eric)
                                                                    /Apache door 166E
                                                                   /Big apache door 8S98
     Eyes                                            104     16J00    64K  57S 64
     Mouth                                      105     16J00    64K   66
         Squirrels                                  105     64K   68

         Fish, Two                                  275
         Flamingos, Two         275
      Flower, Laia                               82  44GII  40B-(Darsie) 130E  36T
      Foot release                              140
      Foot trick                                  120
      Giraffe eating grass                  272

     Great toe almost catch
           (Zung Pui Hlin Thelh)    139

30Q      33E  (339) 157L  62XI
               10M01  (Eric) 105CI  184BISFA8
                                                        ~Tie the chicken (Yele moa)    62X



      Grille of the Mosque                118
      Inuit bowl                                  191
      Inuit bridge                               190
      Inuit diamonds                          192
         Inuit net                                     163  19M99    74Y
      Jacob´s ladder                             69  (Eric)(24) 153L  25JI
                                          94(Gendar)   36B  32GI 74Q
                                                 (Steve)  (Hilard)
                                    (Darsie not working)  Richard
                        40X   148E
         Hand                                          116
     Heart                                          289
      Hearts - a loop performance    290
     Kayaker and the mountains        91          12S97  64Q and 66Q
                                              explications supplémentaires
                                                             ici p294/More Explainations here p294
    Klamath bridge                         197
    Klamath net                               169     (69)
    Lal Ruanga se Pal Ram
                             (=Mouse)           138    (story)
                                                 (340)  17P  28JII  144H
                                                                           95(Gendar)  147(Noble)   9PA
                                                                          49B-(Hilard)     44E
                                                                           26GI   30GI*  61XI
                                          (Eric) 79BISFA3177BISFA7

    Lightning, version B                86    129BISFA7  28T 30GI  33B
                                                              ~  LIGNTNING , version A    (216)
                                     (Eric) Richard
                                                             (Darsie not working)128BISFA7
                                           ~Lightning C 129BISFA7
                      /Lightning   15XI
                              /Super lighting (Eric)
    Lions, Two fighting                     274
    Lions, Two sleeping                      273
      Looper  Caterpillar                      88   (253)  26GIII  57B   72Q
                                     38T  1XI  182E
                                                                     /Lightning   15XI
    Man on a bed                                 80  (192)  140L  52B  71S
                                   87E  24GI*  12T
    Men, Ten                                        82  (150)-(Darsie) 34XII  11XI
                                                             (Bisfa 4, 5 et 6)  7XIII
     Moon and his two wives                89
    Mouth bite  (Kam-Pe)                  144   139BISFA5
    Murphy´s Logo                             178
    Murphy´s Mouth                          195

    Navaho net                                     166   (48)  51GII (Eric) 122E
                                         (Darsie not working)  Richard
                                     142BISFA7  83BISFA6
                                       /Starry sky  170E
      Mexican Hat                  143BISFA7

    Net (Beip)                                      146
    Net (Beip)                                      146
    Nose trick, version 1                    120
    Nose trick, version 2                    120  5M97
     Pleiades                                          83   (56)-(Darsie)
                                               /Pleiades  11D01    50D
    Open and close                            116
    Paddle                                          107    21D00
    Parachute                                    157   229BISFA4  6H
                                           Bull.SFA N°10 p14-15
                                                ~Broom (three forks)
                                                  Bull.SFA N°10 p14-15
               210BISFA5 19S98
                                                                     ~Broom (five forks) 234BISFA4
    Peacock´s feet                              115-135  (116)  (Eric) 150L
                                         32B  195E 51Q
    Peacock´s foot                              115    3J00  ~Chicken foot 135BISFA6
    Ptarmigans, Two                          90   (365 no method)  16J96 49Q
                                        76Y 62TII   47BISFA3
    Raccoon dog                              287
    Rat or mouse                              288
    Running Reindeer                     273
    Salmon River                                92       58GIII
                                            /TWO MOUNTAINS
                                                      AND A STREAM
                                                      (Darsie not working)  Richard

    Saw (Keata)                                150
    Saw, version 1                             117  AUTRES LIVRES
    Saw, version 2                             117 AUTRES LIVRES
    Scissors                                        116
                                     38BISFA3  (Darsie)    (Steve***)
    Siberian house                              84   (361)  143L  60JII
                                   46B  53TII  29
                                                                  126E   28GI (Eric) 50BISFA3
                                          ~Tug-of war with a stick   551Z
                             (two players, not for the figure;
                                                with a stick)
                                                   /Tangarot   159E   53Q (Eric)
    Spider´s house or web
                            (Kapaw)              147
                                                         50BISFA3  52Q 17T  (Eric)
     Stars, Many                                   83   (48)  51GII  (Eric)
                                 166BISFA6  122E
                                                       (Darsie not working)  Richard
                          142BISFA7    50TII
                                       /Starry sky  170E
    Sun, The setting                             81   (21)
                                          151L  30GIII   (Eric)
    Sunrise over Klamath bridge    198
    Table                                            118
    Threading a needle                     139  (354)-133K 89TII
    Tortoise                                        283
    Triangle, two                               118
    Triangle, three                             291
    Trick of one knot                         151
    Trick of two knots                       152
    Trident figure                             119  (32) 139L  258U 190A
                                   24B 10F   10T  25
                                                       247V  121VI  42E
                          20Q  33XI
                                          10JI  (Hilard) (Britt)
                                  13W 106BISFA6

    Waterspout                                    86      33T

    Well                                                88   (85)  36GII  53B  (Eric)
                                             (Darsie not working)  56Q
                                                   129XIV Richard 76D
                                20T  34XI 20W  17TII
                                            (Look/voir ici/here)
                                         /Gated well76E
                                              /Gated well 173E
          Crab                                         89   (89) 26TII  Richard

    X figure                                         119   /X    19M96




     Trick/Tours de ficelle

      Arm capture and escape              119   153BISFA5    110
    18GI  (Hilard)78BISFA3
                                                 (Eric)           140FO       two players
      Clap Hands Release
                      (Ben Phelh)                137
      Elbow almost catch
              (Kiu Hlin Thelh)               136    97BISFA7??
                                            ~Elbow open 137BISFA6
      Elbow open                                137 ~Elbow almost catch 136BISFA6
      Foot release                              140
      Foot trick                                   120
     Great toe almost catch
           (Zung Pui Hlin Thelh)           139     30Q  33E  (339) 157L  62XI  33ST
                                       10M01  (Eric) 105CI 184BISFA8
                                                                   ~Tie the chicken (Yele moa)    62X
      Lal Ruanga se Pal Ram
  (=Mouse)     138    (story)
                                                 (340)  17P  28JII  144H
                                                                           95(Gendar)   147(Noble)   9PA
                                                                          49B-(Hilard)     44E
                                                                           26GI   30GI*  61XI
                                            (Eric) 79BISFA3
        Mouth bite  (Kam-Pe)                  144   139BISFA5
     Nose trick, version 1                     120
     Nose trick, version 2                      120      5M97
     Peacock´s tail                                 141
     Threading a needle                        139     89TII  (354)-133K
     Trick of one knot                            151
     Trick of two knots                          152

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