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update/Mis à jour   8/07/2011

The San Juan School District in Utah  a mis tout l´article
sur les jeux de ficelle Navajo
du volume 7, 2000 BISFA sur internet
Le site a une video (les mains de Mark) de chaque figure réalisée.

The San Juan School District in Utah has placed the entire
Navajo string games article
from volume 7, 2000 BISFA on the internet
The site includes video (Mark's hands) of each of the figures being made



      Angel                                                  354
      Arrow I                                              140
    Arrow II                                             164  (133)  (Eric)

    Arrowhead, Male                              132


     Female Arrowhead                          132

    Basket, Version A                              160

    Basket, Version B                               161
     Man Standing with Legs Apart     161

    Bat                                                       166
    Batten                                                  141      31E  5JI  12F
            26  244V
  119VI   14GI
            (Hilard)  (Britt not working)     (Eric)
               The Witch's Hat (Eric)

              The Eiffel Tower (Eric)
               The Stethoscope (Eric)
                 The Elephant's Nose  (Eric)

Outrigger canoe  139L  25B  255U   (Britt)
11T 6XI (Eric)

Star  (Eric)
                                      /Devil´s horn 15D98

    Bed                                                       104    156BISFA4
                                                                       ~Fishing net   19BISFA7
    Big Star I
    Big Star II                                            147
~Goose Gizzard  58BISFA8
    Big Star III                                          147   (64)  (Eric)
                                             (Darsie not working) Richard 196E
    Binary stars                                          360   Richard   14M00 224BISFA4
    Bird                                                       163
    Bird´s feet                                             106   ~Feet of the chicken
                                                                   and the tiger 132BISFA5
                  two persons
    Bird's Nest A                                        173   (314) 85
    Bird's Nest B                                        174
    Boomerangs, two                                  363       3J99  110BISFA2
    Bow                                                        128   (212)   (Eric)
    Bowling pins                                          319
    Breastbone and Ribs                            137     35T
                                 ~Chest 136BISFA7
                                                         ~Breastbone and Ribs (308)
                                               72E  (Eric) (Hilard)
                                                 ~ Turtle, Mud    83BISFA8
                                             ~Tortoise   173BISFA2
                                       (deux personnes/two players)
    Bull Snake                                             178   5S07
    Butterfly I                                              133     (219 mauvaises explications
                       /not good explainations)
                                                                  33GIII  37B  87BISFA6
                                                                                   84E 78Q (Eric)
    Butterfly II                                             165


    Caribou, Two (slow-making method)               328    voir autre livres
    Caribou, Two  (rapid-making method)               328
           Two giraffes                                     330

           Two foxes                                         331

           Two reindeer                                  331

           Two rabbits taking a nap              332
                             Two Meerkats              332

            Two african elephants                  332

            Two crabs crawling sideways      333

             Two indian elephants                  333

             Two rabbits                                  333

             Two ponies                                   334

     Pretty deer with tails, Two                334
            Two bambies with tails                335

    Carrying Wood                                     159  (66)  141L  38JII  30B
                                                   71   13T  (Eric)
                                                        86K  200E
                                             (Darsie not working)  Richard
    Catfish Net (Bagre lica)
          variation a and b                                86
    Chest                                                        136   ~Breastbone and Ribs
                                                                       (308)    72E
                                                                 ~Breastbone and Ribs
                                       137BISFA7     35T
   Cloud, Replica of a                                  134      (236)
     Pleiades                                                  135      (236)
     Storm Clouds                                        136      (236) (Eric)
                                                                            ~Cumulo-nimbus (John)

    Coyotes Running Opposite Ways          146
    Cranes, Two                                             317
    Crocodile (Lagartu) variation a               92 two players, not for the figure
                                                      (30) 212BISFA4
    Crocodile (Lagartu) variation b              92 two players, not for the figure
                                                                 (30) 212BISFA4
                                                     45TII     (Eric)
     Cube                                                          341


    Diamond                                                   355
     Donkey I, Braying                                   104
    Donkey II, Braying                                  104
    Drum                                                         170      21S01
    Drumstick (Vangai)                                   96     147BISFA8VOIR JAYNE


      Fish, Two                                          321
    Fish with gills, Two                          321
    Fishing net                                        102       (28) 49E  118FO
    Fishing net  II                                   102     (24)   153L  25JI 94(Gendar)
                                     36B 32GI
                                                    74Q   40X  122FO
                                                                         (Steve) (Darsie) (Hilard)
      Fishing net  III                                  103   ~Basket    121BISFA5
                                                     ~  Net      135BISFA5

    Five-Pointed Star                             172
    Flag, Olympic                                   343
    Flip (Jump over the Fence, Frog)        153     2S07     (82)  (Eric)
    Four Diamonds                                 157      (24) 153L  25JI 94(Gendar)  36B
                                              32GI  74Q  40X
                                              109-111BISFA7(photos) 157BISFA7
                                                                  ( Steve) (Darsie not working)  Richard
                                                       (Hilard)   (Eric)
                                          148E/Diadem 161E
                                         /Tower Eiffel  80H
    Four Stars (Milky Way)
    Frog                                                 169


    Gbongo escapes from a rope
                         (Gbondo agea bao)      97    136BISFA6??
   Golden Eagle (Airplane)              155     (362 drawing/dessin)
                                         58GII  40H  57TII
                                             41BISFA3  8BISFA1
    Grinder                                           103
    Grinding                                          159  autres livres??


    Hair Tie                                          154   Chercher si autres livres
    Hand cut    (Maqui pitina)             91   VOLEURS POMMES
    Hen lays its eggs from, where
                                (Telo Gbomei)     95
    Horned Toad                                139   (230)    184E   (Eric)
    House of Nikolaus                         356  24YI





    LIGHTNING, version A              128  (216)  (Eric) Richard
                              51TII 54TI
                                                                         (Darsie not working)
                                                                ~River (Si´bi) double form 70BISFA8
                                                                 ~  Lightning , version B  129BISFA7
                                                        30GI  33B 10S07  28T    86BISFA6
                                             ~Lightning C 129BISFA7
                                                                       /Lightning   15XI
                                 /Super lighting (Eric)


    Man                                                 162  (184)

    Mercedes Benz Logo                    338
    Mexican Hat                                 143

    Measuring Worm                          171  (299) 242BISFA8  (Eric)
    Milky Way (Owl)                          144     (55)   200E  (Eric)
     Ending to Milky Way                 144
                                                  /OWL (53)     201E
                                         (Darsie  not working)   Richard  (Eric)
                                              /OWL, SECOND (54)  149BISFA7
                                                                /Owl (gugugu), small  20K
                                                        /Owl, second  21K 547Z
   Mountain                                          324

   Mountain, one (one loop version)             311
        Two Mountains                           311
        Four Mountains                           311
        Six Mountains                              312

        Five Mountains                            312

   Mountain, three (two loops version)          313
       Seven  Mountains                          314

       Five Mountains                              314

    Mountains, six (two loops version)       314

    Nest, The weaver Bird´s                   90       (two persons)  VOIR Abraham p70
    Net, Good (alli lica)                           86

    Nothing -A string figures series       75    (20 Lena)


Railroad tracks   75
      Broom                                                75
     Old man´s pant                                  76
     Chair                                                   76
          Scissors                                           76
          Star                                                 77
          Sword                                              77
          Dagger                                             78
          Nothing                                            78

    North Star                                            148
    Number 8                                              337

    O                                                            336   ~O   244BISFA8
       H                                                        336    ~H 241BISFA8
                                                                  ~Haitch for "Appiness"
          Y                                                      336   ~Y  249BISFA8

Open the Gate                                      150     22GII  83R
     Open the Gate from Rug                 153
    Opposite Hogans                                  158   (121) 30GII  48TII
    Octahedron                                           340
    Owl I                                                      131
    Owl II                                                     149   (54)
    Owl III                                                   167
    Owl IV                                                   168    (53) 201E  (Eric)
                                            (Darsie  not working)
                                              Richard    51TII









    Pants                                                      106
      Saw                                                       106   two persons

    Pinching Stars                                       139


    Rabbit                                                    322
    Rabbit taking a nap                              325
    Rabbits gather together, Many           318
    Rabbits looking back
                 at each other, Two                   319
    Ribs                                                        179
    Rocket                                                   170
Rug                                                         151   (12)  147L   31B
                                            (Darsie not working)  88E (Eric)
                                                                 32GI*  68Q RICHARD 22T
                                                                          /Apache door 166E  (Eric)
                                                          /Big apache door 8S98

    Santa Claus´s cap                                  320
    Saw (Ngulu Blabla)                                 94  voir autres livres
    Seals balancing on balls                        320
    Seven Stars                                             149  (56)-(Darsie not working) Richard
                                                               /Pleiades  11D01    50D
                                                (deux personnes, deux ficelles
                                                                    /two players, two strings)
    Six Stars                                                  157
    Snare                                                       103
      Standing Measuring Worm                  130  9S02 ~WORM (222)
    STAR, BIG                                             126
    Stars, Four (Milky way)                        127
    Stars, Many                                            142  (48)  51GII
                                                                      (Darsie not working)
                                                        Richard 122E 50TII
                                                    166BISFA6    (Eric)

    Stars, Two                                               125   (228) (Eric)
    Star with Horns                                      145  (58)-(Darsie not working)
                                       Richard 201E
                                                       145BISFA7  (Eric)
                                                      ~Venus (Kõpu) 36S
    Sweathouse (Sweatlodge, Hogan)         175   (243)  93(Gendar)
                                         28B  47E    22GI*








    Tetrahedron                                            340
    Tortoise                                                    322
    Tortoise gets married                              326
    Tortoise races the hare                            324
    Tortoise wins                                            326
    Trick from the Fold Coast                        98    voir AVERKIEVA
Two Arrowheads                                     174    17D00
    Two Diamonds                                         156       (28) 49E (Eric)
                                                                           118FO 109BISFA7 (photo)
                                                                  /Filet   (Hilard)


Two dogs  318  4/11
Inventée par  KAZUO KAMIYA

    Two Stars II                                            165   (Eric)   (129)   64K
    Throat cut (Cunga Pitina)                       91   see JAYNE
    Towers of Hanoi                                     289

      Unnamed                                                 177
    Unnamed figure                                      105   (301) 117E
                                    (two persons, not for the figure)
                                                                            ~Horn    133BISFA5
                                                                  ~Basket   121BISFA5

    Unraveling (train)                                   177  (340)  17P  9PA  28JII
                                                                    144H   95(Gendar)  147(Noble)
                                                                    61XI  49B-(Hilard) 44E
                                                                        26GI 30GI* 23Q (with stories)
                                           79BISFA3 (Eric)
                                138BISFA6  (story)

    Upside-Down Golden Eagle                   155



    Water, Great                                           102

      X, Framed                                               355

   Tours de ficelle/Tricks

      Crocodile (Lagartu) variation a              92 two players, not for the figure
    Crocodile (Lagartu) variation b              92 two players, not for the figure
     Gbongo escapes from a rope
                         (Gbondo agea bao)               97  136BISFA6??
      Hand cut    (Maqui pitina)                        91   VOLEURS POMMES
      Throat cut (Cunga Pitina)                        91    see JAYNE
    Trick from the Fold Coast                       98    voir AVERKIEVA
    Unraveling (train)                                   177  (340)  17P  9PA  28JII
                                                                    144H   95(Gendar)  147(Noble)
                                                                    61XI  49B-(Hilard) 44E
                                                                         26GI 30GI* 23Q (with stories)
                                           79BISFA3 (Eric)
                                                      138BISFA6  (story)


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